2009 WKO World Cup Date changed from 18th Coctober, 2009 to 7th March, 2010

Osu Kancho’s and Shihans,

As you know the planning and preparations for the 2009 World Cup have been underway for Oct 18th 2009, Last night we hit a major snag with this event. Firstly the The Satellite company just informed us that the Government will announce the primary elections to be held on the 18th of October mean all satellites will be used for the Election Campaign. Our second fear is every time there is an election in Thailand we are struck with political unrest and security becomes a major issue along with the threat of Airports Closing due to protests. Until last night we were unaware of this as it was announced at 8pm Thai time on the news.

The next factors are there are three major Tournaments on or around the same dates which make it extremely hard for some fighters and Shihans to fit the shedual due to travelling.

  1. In Hungry on 3rd,4th,5th of October is the Kyokushin World Open Championships

  2. In Japan on the 18th of October is the Byakuren Junior all Japan (Kancho Shugihara)

  3. In Japan on November 9th The Kyokushin Union Samurai cup (Shihan Hazigawa)

  4. In Japan on November 21th is the All Japan Byakuren tournament (Kancho Shugihara)

For creditability the WKO needs to be assured that only the best fighters are available for the Kumite, to do this fighters need time to prepare between competitions and nurse their injuries from previous tournaments which in this case are very close. We also need to ensure that the Japanese fighters are not injured for the All Japan only 4 weeks later.

The Advisors to The WKO Kancho Shugihara ,Shihan Hasegawa , and Adm Taweechai all suggest March the 7th 2010 as there are no major tournaments on in the world or Japan and most of all it’s the holidays here in Thailand with no government problems or elections. Satellite has confirmed the date of 7th of March is free to all countries. All major Sponsors of the tournament are far more happy with this date as it guarantees worldwide coverage for them.

Therefore on behalf of the World Kumite Organization and the executives, we humbly apologize for the above situations and have now booked and paid for Satellite TV, and the venue (Ambassador Hotel) for the 7th of March, 2010. We offer our sincerest apologies however the situation is beyond our control. The WKO will lose a lot due to this change however the lose will ensure the success of the Kumite in relation to the standard of fighters and success of the world Kumite.

Please note those applicants that have applied will automatically be accepted into the Kumite and all applicants can be viewed on the Website. The deadline for fighter will be extended until November 15th 2009 any applicants after this date will not receive free airfares and will need to cover their own travel expenses if they wish to compete.

Please if you have time go to www.world-kumite.org and look at the new upgraded website.

Please we humbly ask ,can all Shihan’s send a list of all proposed tournaments for 2009 and 2010 so as we can post them on the website to prevent date clashes between tournaments.

We will be arranging that Shihans can post photos of their schools and events on the website to promote your individual dojo’s, schools and events. You will also be able to sell and promote books and training DVDs on line. The WKO has had great success in selling DVDs and sports equipment on the WKO site.

As you may be aware the WKO is growing at a rapid pace throught the world thanks to the support of all the Shihans who stand united in the way of Budo. In Japan alone with the support of Kancho Shugihara , Shihan Hasegawa, and Shihan Misuguchi the name World Kumite Organization has become a house hold name in Japan and the strength of its fighters well known.

In the Middle East due to Kancho Walid (Dubai) along with Hanshi Shagahagi (Iran) has expanded rapidly with new Shihan applying each week to join the WKO.

This month we welcome Master Graham (Tae Kwan Do) of the Cayman Islands recommended from Master Ooi (Executive member of the WKO) also Sensei Arshad Jan from Shin Kyokushin Pakistan, SiHing Charlie Tamiti (Shaolin Kempo) New Zealand , Shihan Ahmad Baroudi 5th dan Kyokushin Siria, Soki Keyvan Dehnad 7th dan Ju-Jitsu/ Judo and Olympic referee for Judo recommended .

With the support of the Shihans out there introducing members the World Kumite Organization will definitely grow to become a strong and unique force contributing to the growth of traditional Martial Arts.

Once again extremely sorry of the situation in regards to the World Cup however it was unavoidable and we truly look forward to you future support.


Sifu R McInnes (President World Kumite Organization)

Adm Taweechai Leingpaibool (Chief Executive World Kumite Organization)

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